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"Location, Location, Location, ....... Place Matters!
The Good and The Bad of Your Location Decisions.
What We Don't Know Can Hurt Us!"

CEtechnology's Planning Guides and Database Software can be integrated across all segments of the Community to coordinate data and information sharing among Businesses, Local Governments, School Districts, College Campuses, and Military Bases. CEtechnology Software can be Jointly Purchased and Configured To Facilitate Land Use Collaboration within Your Community and with Your Neighbors in Addressing Shared Goals. Email below for particulars!

CEtechnology's SPACEUSE is designed for integration with our Facility Space Management (SPACE) and pinpoints Homeland Security, Emergency Management, Environmental Health and Safety, Risk Management, and Environmental Design to Campus/Community Location (Situational Awareness) i.e. the Room, Site, Building, or infrastructure.

CEtechnology's Land Use (LUC), Enviromental (Enviro), and Facility Space Management (Space) Software are Integrable with each other and with ArcView GIS, AutoCad Drawings, and The National Map Project. Use CEtechnology's Software to Address Economic, Social, Homeland Security, Emergency Management, Environmental, and Natural Resource Interests/Impacts when Assessing or Siting Existing and/or Proposed Local Development.

CEtechnology's Land Based Classification Programs are Designed for Local Government, Higher Education, School Districts, Military Bases, and Private Business Planners. Cetech's Multiple Land Use Dimensioning allow Users Precise Control over Land and Resource Use Classifications.

Use our software to Address Land Based Classification, Environmental Assessment, Location Siting, Economic Development, Hazard Mitigation, and Emergency Management. Integrable with Google Earth, Google and Microsoft Maps and The National Map Project.

CEtechnology Products work at the Building, Site and/or Land Parcel Level! Land Use (Landuse), Enviromental (Enviro), Facility Space Management (Space), and Space Use (Spaceuse) are Integrable with ArcView GIS, and AutoCad Drawings. CEtechnology's Planning Guides and Database Software can be integrated across all segments of the Community to coordinate Land Information Sharing among interested parties.

CEtechnology Products place Emergency Management, Environmental Protection, Land Use Planning, Permit Tracking, Institutional Controls, Facility Siting, and Hazard Mitigation where the action is. Analyze what's vulnerable, what's critical, what's been threatened in the past; what's helping the response, what's helping prevent the danger; what shows that we're using our dollars wisely and what fits with the other funds being spent.

CEtechnology's Land Use (LANDUSE):

Track Land Use, Land Interests, Development Permits, and Land Use Controls at the Parcel (PIN#) Level on Community, Higher Education, School District, and Business Real Estate. Land use provides a consistent method for classifying land based on their characteristics using a multi-faceted land-use model:LANDUSE is integrable with Real Property, Permitting, and Work Order Systems.

    Land-Based Classification Standards:
  • Activity (actual use of land based on observable characteristics),
  • Function (economic function or type of establishment using the land),
  • Site Development Character (overall physical development character of the land),
  • Structure (type of structure or building on the land),
  • Ownership (relationship between the use and its land rights), and
  • SIC/NAICS Industrial Classification Codes for Classifying Establishments.

Institutional Controls: Landuse incorporates USEPA/EDSC Data Standards for Environmental Information Collection and Exchange defined as Non-Engineering Measures (i.e. Administrative or Legal) that help minimize the potential for Human or Real Property Exposure Contamination and/or Protect the Integrity of a Remedy by Limiting Land or Resource Use.

Why CEtech? CEtechnology's Unique Community Vision:

Towns, Campuses, School Districts, and Military Bases have evolved with concerns common to many small cities with their increasing complexity of land use, infrastructure, transportation, environmental health and safety, technology, and the provision of services.

Cetechnology planning guides and databases can help you address these issues while extending your reach locally, regionally, even worldwide through the internet. Above all else they make communities (people and property) safer via state-of-the art Risk Management!

  • We know Local Government! Our Institutional Controls, Land Use Master Plan Template and Software serves as a planning standard to help guide economic, environmental, emergency management, and technology growth within your community.

  • Our School District and Higher Education Guides and Software backstop administrative and academic decision making processes. Our clients include colleges and universities as well as urban and suburban school districts big and small.

  • We extend local government planning concepts to military base redevelopment. Our Land Use Master Plan Guide (MS Word) and Software helps them make the necessary adjustments to address base closures, new construction, or a move into the new economy.

Enviro, Space, and Land Use Downloads Includes Free Electronic Help Files (Yours to Keep):

  • Gis Guide (Geographic Information System Primer).
  • LUC (Land Use and NAICS Coding Manual).
  • Nces Ficm (Facility Space Management Guide).
  • Usda LESA (Land Evaluation Site Assessment Guide).

Plan Your Physical Campus:

Effective Planning for the Future Physical Campus must be based upon an accurate understanding of the characteristics of the land owned by the Institution/Organization and the present inventory of facilities already existing on it, or, in fact, beneath its surface.

Site Existing & Proposed Land Use Impacts for:

Aesthetics; Air Quality; Asset (Inventory) Management (AMS); Business Continuity Planning; Brownfields Redevelopment, Communications, Community Growth; Cultural & Historic; Economic Development, Educational Resources; Energy & Natural Resources; Environmental Assessment; ISO 14001 Compliance; Facility/Infrastructure Siting; Flood Plains; Land Development; Land Resources; Land Evaluation Site Assessment; Land Use Planning; Institutional Controls; Land Use Economic Viability - Agricultural, Forest, Mineral, Rangeland; Noise and Odors; Open Space/Recreation;Plants and Animals; Planning & Zoning; Public Health & Safety (Homeland Security, Emergency Management); Rights-Of-Way/Infrastructure; Risk Management; Sustainable Development; Transportation; Wetlands; and Water Resources.

Mix & Match: Any combination of Land Use and Space Type to fit your needs and circumstances. Add New Elements of Your own Choosing. We'll even Customize the Software for you or Build to Suit (email requirements below). "As-Is" you can Model these Factors "Right-Out-Of-The-Box" (Just Point & Click). Model what you want. Place Emphasis Where You Like (Points/Weights). Extend Site and Parcel Data Geographicly using CEtech's Enviro-Space with Popular Desktop GIS/GPS.

Assess Site Location for its' Economic Viability:

Evaluate the Suitability of Land Characteristics and Soils for a Given Use; Measure Proposed Actions for their Environmental Impacts. Designed for Land Use organizations of all sizes and types - Businesses, Local Government, Higher Education and K12 School District Campuses, Military Base Development/Redevelopment.

Enviro-Space Standard Templates:

There are Standard Templates for ALL (Categories), URBAN, RURAL, and BENCHMARK, with an option to Mix and Match any combination of INDIVIDUAL Preferences. More Templates are on the way. Just Point and Click!

Land Use Siting "After The Fact" Can Cost You in:

Environmental Management, Homeland Security, Economic Development, Resource Protection, ........You Name It! Go on the Offensive First! Don't Wait for Bad to Happen Before you Take Action. CEtechnology's Enviro-Space will make Your Campus/Community Safer and Your Emergency Management Preparedness and Response Better.

Local Government (Policy) Performance:

Put Sustainable Development Indicators at the Service of Democracy. Balance Economic, Social, Environmental, and Emergency Management Impacts when Judging Local Government's Performance in Areas Identified as Important to the Community (and the Voter).

CEtechnology's Enviro, Space, and Land Use Supports:

  1. Analysis Capabilities with User Definable Query.
  2. Basic Record Keeping.
  3. Integrated Databases with Mass Change Features.
  4. WinHelp Facility Siting Guide.
  5. Mailing Letters and Labels.
  6. Predefined Facility Siting Templates.
  7. User Selectable Factors/Points/Weights.
  8. CEtechnology enhanced and So Much More!

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