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Homeland Security, 911/Emergency Management ...24/7/365!

Where Every Second Counts and Where Failure is not an Option! Remember, All Acts of Terrorism are Local!

Local People Must Step Up and Take the Lead on Campus/Community Emergency Management and Homeland Security. It's Time for Local Action! After All It's Your Home, It's Your Life, It's Your Community, It's Your Campus. Learn Now to Plan Campus/Community Land Use Around Environmental Protection, Emergency Management, Homeland Security, and Economic Development While Visualizing Your Data on Computerized Maps (Geographic Information Systems - GIS).

CEtechnology's EMS Guide and Database Software can be integrated across all segments of the community to coordinate Multi-Purpose Emergency Management among Local Governments, School Districts, College Campuses, Military Bases, and Private Businesses.

Build EMS/BCP thinking and action into mainstream operations because the things you want to do in an emergency need to be done routinely every day. Plan comprehensively for emergency management with attention to people, facilities, data, and technology.

Kill Two Birds with One Stone! Because so many Potential Homeland Security Targets are Natural Resources Cetechnology's EMS is now Integrable with Environmental Protection!

CEtechnology's GUARDIAN Emergency Management System:"What you see is what you get!" All You Have to do is Enter Your Data to be operational. Now you can down load our products and install them on one of your machines for evaluation purposes. Web versions of our software extend your reach to information via remote access over the Internet so you can stay on top of things even when you're not in the office.

GUARDIAN EMS Free Trial Offer - Coming Soon. Look for it or email.

How are Communities Going to Address Public Safety in light of 9/11? By Integrating Homeland Security with Traditional Master Planning and Everyday Facility Management!

Applying Hazards Analysis:

.Hazards Identification, specific information on situations that have the potential for causing injury to life or damage to property and the environment. .Vulnerability Analysis, susceptibility of life, property, and the environment to injury or damage if a hazard manifests its potential (**Address Your Master Plan Elements Here!**) and .Risk Analysis, probability that injury to life, or damage to property and the environment will occur.

Emergency Management and Environmental Protection focus on protecting lives, property, information, and critical infrastructure. EMS deals with natural and man-made disasters and includes planning, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

Working With Your Local Community:

Emergency Management and Environmental Protection address physical, natural, cultural, social, and economic geography and understanding this geography is critical to the process of identifying target vulnerabilities and formulating mitigation measures.

Internet/Intranet Access: Your Emergency Management System can be integrated with Space Management and Real Property files, web enabled for remote access, and made a part of working Collaboration Offices on the Internet. An Email interface will allow you to communicate emergency management information electronically to department heads, the general public, interested parties, and adjoining municipalities throughout the local community.

Pin-Point Student-Faculty-Staff Emergency Text Messaging, Email, Photographs by Location (Campus, Site, Building, Department, College) when addressing any disaster-response, homeland security breach, or environmental impact within the framework of existing Campus/Community facilities and infrastructure.

Virginia Tech, the 9/11 sounding call for K12 and Higher Education Emergency Management. Today CEtechnology can say for the 1st time that People (Human Resources), The Physical Plant (Facility Space Management - Sites, Buildings, Rooms), Property Control (Asset Management), Information Resources (Documents), and Environmental Design are integrated across the institution or enterprise in the best interests of Public Safety/Risk Management. Ask yourself can your organization say this and if not than why not and what are you going to do about it? Get your Money's Worth with CEtechnology's 2 for 1 Coverage! Our software addresses both in-house campus/community public safety/risk management and at the same time offfers you a public safety curriculum for training local community emergency response personnel.

The most effective way to address Public Safety is through prior Emergency Management Planning (Crisis-Response Plans). Colleges, Universities, and School Districts should give every thought to installing our Facility Management Software for Space Management and Institutional Controls for Space Use as a foundation for their In-house Campus/Community Emergency Response Plans and Public Safety Curriculum.

CEtechnology Products are integrable with: Land, Facilities, Resources, and Infrastructure and can be interfaced with Computerized Maps (ArcView GIS), GPS/LPS, CAD Drawings (AutoCad), Pictures, Statistics (SPSS), Microsoft Office, Collaboration Technology, Text Search and Retrieval, Wireless Applications, and Web Enabled for remote access.

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