General Information: Print these instructions for future reference by selecting "File" from the Browser top line menu and then selecting "Print" from it's dropdown menu.

Files in the "winall" directory are for installation on IBM or compatible Personal Computers running the Windows Operating System.

To download files in this directory:

Select the file you want to download with your mouse and "Double Click" the .exe file. A "File Download" dialog box will open. It asks the question "Would you like to OPEN the file or SAVE it to your computer? Select "SAVE" do not select "OPEN. A "Save AS" Dialog box will open. You will be asked to identify the directory on your machine where you wish to store the file. Complete the "Save In:" area by using the down arrow or the folder icon to locate the desired directory on your machine. The file will be downloaded to your machine. The download should take about 3 minutes (DSL/Cable) and 20 minutes assumimg it's being done over a standard telephone line and a modem.

To install the application on your machine in "C:\application name" (eg. space for Space Management):

Using "Windows Explorer", locate the file you downloaded from the internet.Double Click on the file. The Setup process will be initiated. Two dialog screens will be presented to you. "Follow the directions on each". They will be presented in the following order namely:

How to begin Training and Using our Applications!:

After downloading and installing our software, run our application by selecting it's Icon from the Main Screen or by selecting it's name from the "Start/Programs" dropdown menu. Select the "Training Starts Here" (?) button to get the "basics", then go to the top line menu and select "Help" then "Contents". Select "Overview" which will guide you on how things work, as well as how to purchase the product.

You will have 30 days to try our software FREE. To purchase send your check to "Cetechnology, 241 Warner Road, Lancaster, NY 14086. You will be assigned a valid registration number at that time. At the end of 30 days the software will shut down. If you need more time to complete your analysis, an extension may be requested.

How to Uninstall this Application!:

Goto Control Panel, select Add-Remove Programs, then from the list select your application and the Remove Button. Your Application will be uninstalled from the Registry, deleted from the C: Drive, taken off the Desktop, and removed from the Start/Programs List.

If you have any questions about our application, please "e-mail" us as follows:
Contact Ed Moll ( or Carl Moll (
CEtechnology - 241 Warner Rd, Lancaster, NY, 14086. (716-685-4230).
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